Emergency DECON Services (EDS) is New York based and Firefighter owned and operated. EDS understands the inherent dangers of Firefighting and is committed to protecting our First Responders from unnecessary exposures to chemical and biological agents that can lead to firefighting related cancers. Since our mission at EDS is to protect Firefighters from these types of invisible dangers, our suite of services and products have been carefully selected and tailored to safeguarding the health and wellness of these true heroes.

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Today’s firefighters are more than twice as likely to develop cancer as the average person. Research has determined that exposure to carcinogens, not only via respiratory absorption but also through skin absorption and inhalation of particles left on gear, tools and cabs after the fire scene can lead to firefighting related cancers.

Our service offerings are designed to help minimize unnecessary exposure to these carcinogens and contaminants by breaking them down into nontoxic substances.

EDS understands the challenges First Responders face in order to sustain a safe and germ-free environment. Our services utilize the DECON7 formula which provides a powerful and effective multi-purpose decontaminant, disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer. Decontamination and cleaning services that results in minimal down-time to your units.

World Class Products

Emergency DECON Services is owned and operated by First Responders. Our suite of products has been carefully selected to better protect and meet the needs of Fire and EMS, Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Schools and Universities, Businesses and more. We offer products from leading manufactures that will protect you against the real-world hazards that you might face as well as keep the communities you serve safe.

Our products and solutions look to Protect the Protectors – we are here to keep you safe.
They include:

  • DECON7 Multi-use Disinfectant / Decontaminant and BDAS+ Tactical Spray
  • Multiple Decontamination Systems (Stationary and Portable)
  • Foggers, Misters, Electric Mixing Station and Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • DECON7 Hand Sanitizer (Alcohol free) and Concentrated Soap
  • Responder Body Wash/Shampoo and Responder Wipes
  • N95 rated Readimasks

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Our Partners

REDLINE™ Gear Cleaning & Inspection – offers a self-contained mobile cleaning system that offers a realistic approach to minimizing first responder exposure at your station, on your timeline. Their patent pending mobile extraction unit (MEU) is a commercial truck that is equipped with all necessary equipment to clean and service up to 40 complete sets of gear at a time.  This includes state of the art equipment and the newest technology to clean, document, and treat all Personal Protective Equipment.


DECON 7 SYSTEMS – After the ground breaking development of D7 at Sandia Labs, Decon7 was created as a private enterprise in order to produce, distribute, and continue ongoing development. Decon7 is constructed of a collaborative team of strategic advisers with individual expertise in the fields of chemistry, microbiology, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution. Together, they refine methods of delivery and create customized solutions for our diverse set of clients. D7 is the leading standard decontamination and safety for First responders and military personnel.


HYGENALL and RESPONDER WIPES AND BODY WASH – After structure fires, car and dumpster fires, body wipes are an extremely effective way to clean and remove soot and Hydrocarbons from the face, jawline, throat, underarms, armpits and groin neck area.  Using wipes can reduce PAH’s by as much as 54% and that is why EDS carries a full complement of wipes, soaps, bodywash and shampoo products from two industry leading company’s – Hygenall and Responder Wipes and Body wash.


NORTHEAST HAZMAT – established by Michael Allen after receiving an invitation from the inventor of EZIVac Pumps to be the US distributor of their innovative line of hazmat equipment. EZIVac Pumps are the premier hazmat pumps in the industry.

Founder, Michael Allen has been in the fire service for more 20 years and has worked in a Type 2 Hazmat team for 13 years. He is also a Pro Board Instructor and Hazmat Coordinator for a Town Team in New York.


FIREFIGHTER CANCER SUPPORT NETWORK’S helps fire/EMS members and their families cope with cancer and to provide occupational-cancer awareness and prevention training nationwide.

Our commitment to keeping our responders and their families safe and healthy goes beyond our day to day business. Here at EDS, our goal is to commit up to 33% of profits from the Emergency Services line of our business to the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.

Please Visit: firefightercancersupport.org

DETECTOGETHER is a nonprofit that fills a gap in healthcare by providing a lifesaving 3 Steps Detect early cancer detection education program to young adults, first responders and workplace employees. In today’s healthcare landscape, statistics reveal a concerning number of individuals receiving late-stage diagnoses, often leading to less favorable outcomes and more aggressive treatments. Reducing these delays in diagnosis can significantly increase survival. Early cancer detection is an advantage we want everybody to have, and through our educational programs we are making strides. Together, we can change the narrative.

Please Visit: detectogether.org


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About Us


Cancer is a terrifying, but unfortunately common diagnosis within the fire service. As firefighters, we are routinely exposed to a significant amount of carcinogenic chemicals and vapors every time we enter a fire environment or participate in fire related training. Over the years, this exposure potential has only increased as construction and home furnishings have evolved from wood, wool and cotton to synthetics and plastics which as we know are made from a wide array of chemicals and petroleum byproducts.

As these modern furnishings heat and burn, they off-gas the chemicals from which they are made – including benzene, formaldehyde and other carcinogens. Even by protecting our respiratory systems with positive pressure SCBA’s, we are not completely protected. Chemicals and Carcinogens adhere to our turnout coats, tools, cab seats and other equipment and we are still susceptible to absorbing these toxins through our skin and inhaling them as they continue to off gas. The invisible dangers that affect us long after we return to the station and even after we return home, can impact our members future health and even the health of their families.

Today’s firefighters are more than twice as likely to develop cancer as the average person. Research has determined that exposure to carcinogens, not only via respiratory absorption but also through skin absorption and inhalation of particles left on gear after the fire scene, can lead to firefighting related cancers. EDS is committed to helping reduce your member’s exposure to carcinogens by working with your Agency to offer the very best decontamination, disinfectant and cleaning solutions to fit your needs.

Rich Gross & Tom Riedel


Prior to co-founding Emergency DECON Services Corp. Rich Gross was the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating officer of a division of the Rockefeller Group International. In addition to his career, Rich has dedicated over 40-years of service to the Bohemia Fire Department. During his tenure, he has served as Department Lieutenant, Chaplain and Fire Prevention Officer. Today, Rich coordinates much of the department’s events such as the September 11th remembrance services as well as the Memorial Day parade and services. In addition to these activities, He has helped organize fundraisers for the Wounded Warrior Project and NYC Meals on Wheels. Rich also coordinates the Sayville Food Pantry’s annual “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” food drive.

Rich has received many awards for his outstanding community work. He has twice been named Fireman of the Year as well as Bohemia Citizen of the year, Senator Thomas D. Croci Everyday Heroes Recipient, Sayville Rotary Club Unsung Hero Recipient and the New York Newsday Citizenship award.


Tom is one of the co-founders of Emergency DECON Services Corp. and a life-long resident of Long Island. His diverse career has spanned everything from: Fire Marshal (current) to being an Engineer, Training Specialist, Rules Examiner and Road Foreman of Engines on the Long Island Railroad. Tom has spent the majority of his life serving his community. He is a 50-year member of the Bohemia Fire Department, where he had served as Chief for two terms. He is also a certified Hazmat technician, Fire Service Instructor and is presently the Department’s Incident Safety Officer. Tom is currently Chairman of the Board for the Bohemia Fire District and had recently completed his term as the President of the Islip Fire District Association.

For his outstanding work, Tom has received a number of awards and accolades. He has been named fireman of the year three times over his career as a volunteer fire fighter.

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