Fire Departments and EMS Organizations:
FEMA to Open Second Round of COVID-19 Response Grants

FEMA has announced that it will open a second round of COVID-19 response grants this fall as part of its Supplemental Assistance to Firefighter Grant Program.

The purpose of Assistance to Firefighters Grant-Supplemental (AFG-S) is to award grants directly to fire departments, non-affiliated EMS organizations and State Fire Training Academies to enhance their ability to protect the health and safety of the public as well as that of first-responder personnel through the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) and related essential supplies needed to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit for more information.

Volunteer and combination fire departments will be eligible to apply in the second round if they received funding in the first round. However, applications must support new capabilities. Applications from the first round will not automatically carry forward to the second round for consideration.

Emergency DECON Services offers a number of products that may meet the requirements of this program, including:

DECON7 Mobile Decontamination System

Decontaminate your turn-out gear, apparatus, ambulances, tools, buildings and equipment with the world’s most effective and safe Anti-microbial disinfectant, anti-bacterial & chemical cleaner. Capable of killing up to 99.99999% of Biological & Chemical agents, germs, viruses and bacteria.


DECON7 BDAS+ Tactical Spray

Decon7’s Tactical BDAS+ will neutralize harmful VOC’s, biological and chemical agents, bodily fluids, bacteria and viruses. Chemistry is applicable and efficacious on multiple surfaces including concrete, asphalt, wood, steel, ceramic, carpets, fabric, leather and more.


DECON7 Hand Sanitizer

D7 Foaming Hand Sanitizer Kills up to 99.9999% of Germs – Cleans and Protects D7 Foaming Hand Sanitizer is based on the active ingredient Bezalkonium Chloride in a unique, non-drying, moisturizing and conditioning formulation.  Provides 2-4 Hours Residual Protection.


DECON7 Concentrated Soap

D7-MPC-100 is a non-hazardous, pH neutral (pH 7.0-7.8), highly concentrated, multi-purpose cleaner.  It cleans effectively, even at high dilutions, providing an excellent value in cost per use.  Unlike with more dilute detergents, this product creates no need to buy, ship, and store water. D7-MPC-100 can safely be used to clean both equipment and surfaces in a facility.



ReadiMask’s unique design outperforms all masks on the market today and is proven safe and effective.   Any worker required to wear an N95 respirator or respiratory and non-impact eye protection can use the ReadiMask for superior fit and comfort.


Responder Wipes

Are developed by a firefighter for firefighters. They are uniquely formulated with Micellar Water, an innovative ingredient with cleansing compounds that dissolve dirt, oil, soot, and other hydrocarbons. Micelles gently lift away toxins and contaminants, and draw out impurities from pores while hydrating your skin more effectively than traditional cleansing wipes.


One of Emergency DECON Services clients secured funding in the initial round of funding to improve their decontamination capabilities against SARS-CoV2, other infectious pathogens, Carcinogens and more with a D7 30 gallon Mobile Decontamination System.  This award was accomplished with the assistance of Lexipol’s grant assistance program for Fire and EMS Agencies. Lexipol’s Grant Assistance Services Include:

  • User subscriptions to Fire GrantFinder or EMS GrantFinder
  • One on one unlimited, personalized grant consulting and writing from Senior
  • Public safety grant consultants
  • Grant application and narrative review
  • Grant application assembly and data entry


Contact Lexipol’s grant services for Fire and EMS today and let them assist your agency in applying for the second round of COVID-19 Response Grants.  Also, if you have not had the opportunity to evaluate Emergency DECON Services as a potential partner for your proactive response against COVID-19 as well as other Biological and Chemical contaminants, please contact us for more information and free demonstration.  Your Department members and community will thank you.

First Responders Helping First Responders – About Emergency DECON Services

Rich Gross and Tom Riedel have been volunteer Firefighters for over forty years. They are extremely passionate and focused on trying to prevent unneeded exposure to those invisible dangers that affect Firefighters long after they return to the station and even after they return home. While we cannot completely eliminate all toxic or carcinogen exposures in our profession, with some careful thought, planning and with the implementation of decontamination policies and procedures we can minimize many unnecessary exposures.

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